Fairy Tales for Life: A Collection of Fourteen Original Short Stories

The Storyteller

“Let me tell you a story,” began the Storyteller. And with these words, the man charmed the people gathered around him with yet another one of his many beautiful narratives. He was known for his great wisdom and understanding of people. He was, as everyone called him, the Storyteller. More…

The Liar Family

Once there was a family of foxes. There was Father Fox, Mother Fox, Brother Fox, Sister Fox, and newly born Baby Fox. They lived in a comfortable den hidden in the hills. Everyone in the animal world knew them as the Liar Family. In short order, dear Reader, you will learn how they got their name. More…

A Mother’s Love

Once there was a woman who longed to have children of her own. Each night she prayed that she might be blessed as others to experience this special kind of love. Years passed, but with no child. When her husband died, the woman realized that her one great wish would never come true. More…

Conversations With My Auntie Margaret About Sporty Dog

Conversation One

“So, Auntie Margaret, how did Sporty Dog become part of your family?”

“It was one sunny Saturday morning,” she began. “We had a long front hall, and Daddy came in, and he was halfway down the hallway when he called ‘Sissy!’” This was his pet name for Margaret. “I came out and there was this adorable little puppy in his hand, with a little red collar and a red leash. And that was Sporty Dog.” More…

Conversation Thirteen

This was a story I only partly remembered, so I listened with great interest.

“Didn’t Sporty Dog like to sleep in people’s cars?” I asked Auntie Margaret.

“That was very embarrassing.”

“For the people or the dog?” I asked, and I couldn’t keep from laughing at my own joke! More…

Conversation Seventeen

“Are there any other stories that you can remember?”

“Well, there’s a political story.”

I was delighted when I heard those words. This story is one of my favorites!

“Daddy used to love to talk politics to customers, and they would stand there for the longest time talking. This was when Roosevelt was running for president against Wendell Willkie. Daddy happened to be for Roosevelt,” Auntie Margaret remembered. “Sporty would sit there while they were talking, and he would turn his head back and forth as if he was taking part in the conversation. Any time Wendell Willkie’s name was mentioned, Sporty would take his paw and rub his nose.” More…